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Shop Jewelry Styles Inspired by Famous Hip Hop Artists & Celebrities.

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We're more than just grillz.
We are Grillionaires.

We do our best to meet our customers demands because we are the best at what we do! We are all about the small details.
Our handcrafted Grillz and Jewelry is one of a kind; bringing quality and sleekness to the forefront of your unique design.

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How Rockk Customz Grillz works?

3 Easy Steps

Install the app

The app is available for both iOS and Android. Download it for FREE.

Setup your profile

Create your profile, Add your name, address and photo.

Start your order

Get your new grillz and start your journey!.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below contain a list of commonly asked questions and answers by our consumers about topics such as , shipping and handling, product information, and scheduling a consultation.

How much for grillz?

Grillz prices very by setup and materials such as pure gold, silver and platinum with SI or VV’s.

Do you customize Grillz?

It varies by design.

How fast is shipping?

Grillz ship out 7-10 business day after order mold has been received.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, you will be able to click the financing options at checkout.

Do you offer local appointments?

Yes, please click the booking options in the app.

Can I get grillz with missing teeth or a gap?

Yes, you can definitely get grillz with a gap or missing teeth.

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